“The Permaculture Credit Union will provide a meaningful alternative to traditional banks that are not responsive to the consequences of their investment and lending activities upon the Earth and its inhabitants. Our goal is to provide our members the opportunity to use and control their money to improve their personal economic and social conditions as they contribute to revitalization of local economic well-being." – From the original PCU development plan

Every financial institution needs both capital and deposits to operate. Capital serves as a cushion for the operation of the Credit Union and deposits are used to invest in loans to our members.

Using retained earnings and donations as sources of capital, the Credit Union has worked to build an asset base of adequate size to become self-sufficient while maintaining an appropriate capital ratio (the ratio of capital to total assets). The capital ratio is a measure of financial soundness and is closely monitored by our state and federal regulators.

  • Well-capitalized financial institutions have a capital ratio between 10% - 12%
  • Credit unions in New Mexico have an average capital ratio of 12.3%
  • PCU's current capital ratio is 6.1% and our goal for 2013 is to reach 7.0%

Growing our asset base will allow us to bring in more deposits which helps us become financially and operationally self-sufficient -- the first step to our becoming a full-service provider to our membership and reach the goal identified in our original development plan.

Capital Contributions

As mentioned earlier, tax deductible contributions are fundamental to our reaching the asset size to be operationally self sufficient. We invite any individual or organization that is interested in supporting our efforts to make a difference in the financial services marketplace by making a direct capital contribution. For every $1 contributed we are able to increase our deposits, and as a result our earning assets, by more than $9.

In addition, PCU is now offering a Capital Share Account that combines a tax deductible capital contribution contribution with one of our standard share accounts. Click here to learn more.

How to Contribute

The Permaculture Credit Union is a non-profit organization. Through our fiscal sponsor, the Permaculture Guild, a 501(c)(3), your donation to support the efforts of the PCU is 100% tax deductible.

Contributions of any size are welcomed and they can be made by clicking on the “Donate” button, provided below, sending a check directly to the Credit Union with a letter stating your interest in making a contribution or by calling Bill Sommers at (505) 954-3479 to arrange the contribution directly.

Thank you for your support.